Lil’Bot user manual

Lil’Bot current software revision (1.1) — use with latest Arduino IDE

Jump to Lil’Blocks coding page

Lil’Bot hardware

ExpressSCH-format schematics

Lil’Bot schematics (PDF)

ExpressPCB-format PCB layout file

Bill of Materials

Lil’Bot kit assembly instructions

Gerber (PCB manufacturing) files

Wheel encoder (print on transparency using a laser printer)

emoShield hardware and software

ExpressSCH-format schematics

PDF schematics

ExpressPCB-format PCB layout file

Assembly drawing

Bill of Materials

Gerber (PCB manufacturing) files — panelized × 4

emoShield sample Arduino sketch — when using the emoShield without Lil’Bot

Software archive

Previous Lil’Bot software (revision 1.0, works on older Arduino versions)

Arduino sketch — very early release

ExpressSCH (schematic capture) and ExpressPCB (printed circuit board layout) software

This is the easiest and most intuitive design package available, and it is free. ExpressPCB does not produce Gerber files for PCB manufacturing. Instead, you order your boards directly from using the application. (We have no business ties with them other than ordering prototypes now and then.) Gerber files are available for an additional payment after your order has been placed.

Download the schematic and PCB design package here.

ExpressSCH and ExpressPCB are native Windows applications. Fortunately, they run quite well on OS X using Wine, and will probably work just as well on Linux.